How Do Bees Make Their Nests?


Bees make their nest when they secret wax and blend it with their saliva. They build this nest by working perpendicularly from top to base on each comb of the nest. The nest building is the work of the female bees as the male bees work is just to fertilise the queen bee.
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Building a bee's nest takes time and effort on especially the Female bees. Males bees do not take part in building the colony. These nest are temporary as the bees tend to die off in the autumn season. The consistency of secreted wax and saliva from an individual bee is used in forming the nest. Many Bees take part in building the nests together starting vertically from top to bottom on each comb or floor. Each comb or floor consists of cells or rooms in which they live.
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While there are many methods of ridding oneself of bees; smoke, water, poisons. The easiest method, as of late, has been to simply call a beekeeper. Since the insects are in such
1. Prepare to destroy the nest by dressing appropriately. Wear a bee suit, or put on a pair of long pants with a long-sleeved shirt. Put on gloves, then tuck the sleeves of your shirt
Beeswax, in a honeycomb shape.
First, determine whether they're bees (and what kind) or wasps. If honey bees, contact your local beekeeper. Chances are that s/he will be delighted to remove them at no cost to you
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At times it may be necessary to remove a bee nest. Bee nest removal is best done by a qualified expert so as not to cause harm to yourself or others living nearby ...
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