How Do Bees Mate?


Bees mate above ground and in mid flight. This ends with the death of the drone as he releases his semen. The male drones mate with the queen bee to produce.
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When one queen survives in a colony, she will fly out on a sunny, warm day to a "drone congregation area" where she will mate with 12-15 drones. If the weather holds, she
1. In order for budgies (or parakeets as they are often called) to mate, you must make sure you have a male and female. Unlike other bird species that can be difficult to sex, it
A new queen will leave the hive when she is about five to seven days old on a mating flight. She mates on the wing with several drones (up to 20) then returns to the hive. She stores
Scout or worker bees locate a general area for the hive. Bees usually want to keep their hive in a dark place to keep warm for the winter months. After bees have found a suitable
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The queen bee takes a mating flight, on which she is pursued by male drones. The drones mate with the queen while in flight.
Several young queens are produced, and the old queen leaves the colony with a swarm of half the workers to find a new hive site. One of the young queens mates and takes over the parent colony.
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