How Do Bees Reproduce?


Bees habit internal fertilization and penetrative mating. When the queen lays her eggs, she lays them in the cells of a wax honeycomb built by workers. Eggs are laid one to a cell, and may be fertilized or unfertilized. Unfertilized eggs grow into male drones while fertilized eggs develop into females. Fertilized eggs are formed through mating with drones, which may or may not come from the same hive.
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There are three types of bumble bees - workers, queens and drones. Workers are sterile females who leave the nest every day to find food. There is only one adult queen in each nest,
They put their tailsd together and the male sprem cells move into thge females eggs and form a baby.
As with the ants, the wasps are divided into queens, males, and workers. The Queen lays the eggs
Starting with the production of a new queen, worker bees (females without developed ovaries) feed several female (fertilized) larvae royal jelly to make the larvae develop their ovaries
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The queen bee takes a mating flight, on which she is pursued by male drones. The drones mate with the queen while in flight.
Several young queens are produced, and the old queen leaves the colony with a swarm of half the workers to find a new hive site. One of the young queens mates and takes over the parent colony.
Bees reproduce by having a queen bee lay eggs. The eggs will grow and hatch into bees. There is one bee queen in each colony of honey bees.
Most bees reproduce through a caste system, where the queens and gynes are the only ones who lay eggs. They will have offspring that are either drones or other queens depending on the pheromones released.
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