How Do Biofuels Work?


Biofuels work by using organic materials such as corn and algae and converting them into fuel. For example, the corn is processed to get ethanol, and the resulting ethanol can be used to fuel diesel engines.
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How Do Biofuels Work in a Car?
Biodiesel, a form of biofuel, essentially works as an alternative to standard car fuel. Unlike diesel fuel that is derived from petroleum or crude oil, biodiesel comes from plant and animal oils that are processed through a series of chemical reactions... More »
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Biofuels are made from the same thing fossil fuels are made from, dead organic matter. They work exactly like fossil fuels, meaning they are burned to make heat, and sometimes that heat is used to make electricity. The difference is with biofuels we produce the fuel we use and we can reproduce it over and over. Fossil fuels were made million of years ago, and we have a finite supply. You can find more information here:
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