How Do Birds Hear?


Birds have small ear openings on the sides of their heads. These openings or holes are usually hidden under special feathers that do not restrict their hearing
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On the whole, birds have a somewhat similar sensitivity to sound as humans. Most species have their greatest auditory sensitivity at frequencies between one and five kilohertz. At
Yes, otherways what would be the point of them making a noise, singing and calling to each other?
Birds have ears, they are just not external. The ears are lopsided
Birds lack an external ear or pinna. They have a single ossicle, the columella, compared to three in mammals that transmit sound.
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Bird ears are similar to human ears but lack lobes and are usually located below and behind the eyes. The inner ear contains fluid and sensitive hairs that oscillate when detecting sound.
Birds can recognized absolute pitch, but not relative pitch. They can also recognize timbre and have the ability to percieve sound bites as short as 1/200 of a second.
Birds hear just like us, with ears. They do not have external ears, but they have holes on the sides of head to let the sound in to the ear drums, just like humans.
Birds can hear like you and I. Birds have ears they are just hidden. They have small holes, on the sides of their heads. Feathers hide the small holes.
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