How Do Boogers Form?


How do boogers form? Well, when snot and dirt get together in your nose, it hardens and you have a booger. Believe it or not, the booger keeps germs from going any farther in to your body and protects your lungs. You can find more information here:
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well, first you have to have dust in the air, and then their has to be moistue. once the 2 are combineed, they make boogers!
Boogers are the mucus the nose makes that moistens your upper respiratory tract and traps dust
Not Medical Advice: When breathing, mucus traps particles so they do not get in the lungs. It dries & a booger is made!
its mucus thst dried up in your nose
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How boogers form is probably not something many people would like to discuss. Boogers are actually formed when mucus in the nose hardens.
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The sticky mucus is a result of contaminants from the air that get caught in our nasal passages. Contaminants such as dust, lint, etc. Mucus from our bodies dries ...
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