How Do Brass Instruments Make Sound?


Brass musical instruments make sound by the basic vibration of air. Brass instruments make use of a principle of sound waves referred to as 'harmonics' for it to make the different notes. The further the air travels the lower the pitch and the valves and slides help to restrict the flow of air within a given length under which a certain base pitch and harmonics are available.
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Understanding the construction of a brass instrument is key to figuring out how it produces sound. All brass instruments "consist of a tube, at one end of which is a mouthpiece
Sound is produced by placing the lips on the mouthpiece and blowing while vibrating the lips. This may be called making a "raspberry".
The Tuba is the lowest sounding brass instrument. It is also the
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How Do Brass Instruments Make Sound?
Brass instruments all make sound in the same way, which comes from our lips vibrating through the mouthpiece. Discover how brass instruments make sound with tips from an active trumpet player in this free video on brass instruments.... More »
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Tubas are the largest brass instruments which are usually considered as the big boomers as they give off a low booming sound. All brass instruments consist of ...
The trumpet is the highest musical instrument of the brass family and is among the oldest musical instruments. The trumpet works by vibrations that are caused ...
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