How Do Butterflies Move?


Butterflies move by a special body design. Their bodies are designed with four wings and really strong muscles of the thorax. Their wings are designed so they move in a figure eight which is why they almost look like they are fluttering through the air.
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1. Create your butterfly. Using a variety of arts and crafts supplies, let your creativity set the limit. Create the wings and the body on separate pieces of paper for a total of
Butterfly flutter about; a quick delicate movements of up and down.
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Butterflies use a variety of aerodynamic techniques to fly, including lift and wake capture. They can also change between methods quite rapidly.
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A butterfly moves along by flight. When a butterfly is flying, its wings move in a figure-eight motion. Scientists have also found that there is what appears to ...
The butterflies have six legs which are also called true legs and there are also ten pro legs. These pro legs help the butterflies to move. ...
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