How Do Butterflies Reproduce?


Butterflies reproduce in the same manner that other animals do, by using male sperm to fertilize an egg from a female. The male butterfly has organs on his abdomen with which he clasps, or holds onto, the female butterfly. The male delivers sperm to the female which is stored in a sac, called a bursa, and which is used by the female to fertilize her eggs as she lays them.
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Male and female butterflies release pheremones into the environment. When a female releases these pheremones, male butterflies can detect it from almost a mile away. Once a male butterfly
butterfly fish reproduce by laying eggs in the sea.
The male's semen enters the female where the eggs come out. The female lays the
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Butterflies lays eggs after mating. The female butterfly lays around 200 eggs on the food plant at a time. It goes thru the egg, larva, pupa and adult cycle before the eggs hatch.
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