How Do Capuchin Monkeys Defend Themselves?


They normally run and hide. The monkeys have a big Diet, have a average size body and they weigh around 2.5kgs. These cute monkeys are omnivorous since they eat berries, shrubberies, bark, bugs, small birds, lizards, amphibians and creatures.
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they run and hide.
Monkeys best defense is staying in groups and if they sense a predator they will warn the others. If they can they will escape or avoid any fights. If they can't avoid it they will
Monkeys defend themselves by living high up in trees and in packs. If someone tries
When enemies strike, male leaders will issue a warning sounds great companions, and keep yourself in the obvious place to lure enemies, so that fellow to escape.
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Monkeys defend themselves by living high up in trees and in packs, if someone tries to hurt them they just rip them apart with their teeth because they are very ...
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