How Do Car Insurance Claims Work?


The car insurance claims work, first when submission process is done then includes the details of an accident, driver's license and contact information of each driver, the description and license plates of each car and miscellaneous information such as the police report, this information, a clerical person sets up a claim, assigns a claim number and a claims adjuster to it for handling next is the investigation where after a claims adjuster gets the initial report of a claim, he tries to verify the details and determine who is at fault, this normally includes the review of vehicle impacts and photos, police reports and statements from each driver then the claims adjuster then uses all of this information to determine if any motor vehicle laws were broken and who caused the accident and finally the payment, once a claims adjuster determines who is at fault for an accident, payments are in order then the car payments will be paid based on estimates completed by a professional auto shop or an auto appraiser.
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How Do Car Insurance Claims Work?
Car insurance is mandatory in most states as a way to manage costs associated with accidents and injuries involving automobiles. If you are involved in an accident or if there is damage to your vehicle caused by a falling object, such as a tree limb, you... More »
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