How Do Cashews Grow?


Cashews grow on cashew trees and the places that produce large amounts of cashews are India, Brazil, Vietnam, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The cashew tree blooms with lovely pink flowers which drop off as the cashew apple begins to grow. The cashew apple is the swollen stem of the fruit of the cashew tree. At the bottom of the cashew apple there is a kidney shaped shell attached. This shell contains the cashew nut. The shell also contains a liquid that is very caustic and can burn you. A person who wishes to process cashew nuts needs to exercise care because of this liquid.
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Cashews grow in tropical climates. They're native to Brazil, but they're also commonly grown in Southern Asia. Cashew fruits are eaten in the areas where they're grown, but they're
Anacardium occidentale also known as a cashew tree
Cashews are native to northeastern Brazil A lot of Walnuts come from China Brazil nuts DO come from Brazil, but It are also native to the Guianas, Venezuela, eastern Colombia, eastern
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Cashews are grown on the Cashew trees. The cashew tree is grown in the tropics, the nut hangs from the cashew apple. The cashew apples are also edible. You can find more information at
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