How Do Chickens Urinate?


Chickens urinate at the same time as they release their feces. The white or grayish color urine is their form of urinating. This is more uric acid then water substance.
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Chickens urinate through their bowel movement. Unlike most other animals, chickens only have to make a mess once and they are done with both deeds.
because they dont consume alot of water and also becasue it comes out in their poo.
All bird excrete a mixture of urine and feces through their cloaca, they do not urinate
Chickens and other poultry don't actually urinate. They get rid of waste from their body by means of something called uric acid. This is why their feces of kind of a goopy substance
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Chickens, like other birds do not urinate but instead, they concentrate their nitrogen waste into uric acid which does not dissolve in water instead of urine. ...
No, birds' feces and urine are all pass through the cloaca. ...
Chickens wee but not in the way that we think; urine emerging separately from the faeces. The urine travels from the kidneys down the ureter tubes to the cloaca ...
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