How Do Clouds Make Rain?


When the air temperature is right water vapor will rise and come together causing clouds, when the air temperature changes gravity causes the water vapor to fall which causes rain. If it is cold out and this process occurs, that is how you get snow because the rain will freeze on the way down.
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1. Prepare a work station with a pad of heavy-duty drawing paper, graphite pencils and a good quality eraser. Pick an area that is well-lit. 2. Sketch the outline of the clouds onto
Because they are thicker than other clouds and thus less sunlight can make its way through. Embed Quote
they are highly dense water vapours which absorbs or scatter most of sunlight and there left some points of light reflection due to which clouds becomes grey or black. it depends
( ′rān ′klau̇d ) (meteorology) Any cloud from which rain falls; a popular term having no technical denotation.
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A rain cloud is called nimbus. A nimbus cloud is a cloud that produces precipitation. Usually the precipitation reaches the ground as rain, hail or snow. However ...
A dark cloud rain is called Nimbus. It is the cloud that brings rain and is made of compact and frozen water that has condensed due to the cold temperatures in ...
The high density and thickness of rain clouds cause them to appear black because it doesn't allow much of the light to pass through. Being full of water vapour ...
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