How do comets form?


Comets are small bodies located in the solar system composed of ice, dust, and carbon. They are formed by gaseous clouds swirling and drawing in surrounding materials to make large clumps.
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Oh wow, if you believe in billions of years ago then you will believe that the comet was formed four and a half billion years ago from a big giant, diffuse cloud of gas collapsed.
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Comets are formed from the collapse of a giant cloud of gas and dust that occurred 4.5 billion years ago. Scientists believe comets were formed during the same ...
Comets are formed in the oort cloud, which is a gallactic cloud of frozen debris. The nucleus of a comet is made out of rock and dust, brought together by frozen ...
The comets that are now in the Oort cloud originally came from the leftovers of the formation of the solar system. These leftovers are not capable of agglomerating ...
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