How Do Computers Work?


A computer software is a list of instructions that tells a computer how to work a specific task. An operating system is a collection of programs the allows the computer to communicate with the hardware and to work together and a computer has a memory which is used to store data . There are two types of storage in a computer, primary storage and secondary storage. Primary storage is where the computer holds data that it is currently using. This place also known as computer memory or temporary storage. The cpu is the most important component in a computer. It acts like a brain. CPU contains thousands of electrical circuits and is built on a wafer of silicon called a chip. There are many kinds of chips in a computer, each containing many electrical circuits. Microprocessor is the chip that is used for the CPU of a computer which is used to process information.
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How Do Computers Work?
Computers have become an integral facet in society. From business and school work to personal uses, computers are involved in many tasks of everyday life. PCs were developed in the 1970s by a man named Ed Roberts, who begin selling personal computer... More »
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The computer is a technological device consisting of a hard drive, modem, monitor, and other devices. This device is used to open programs and applications, access the internet, and
Computers come in many different parts such as the motherboard, ram, cpu and power supply. These parts will sometimes all be made in one place or sometimes come from separate factory's
Many people call Charles Babbage the father of computing. He proposed the idea of an Analytical Engine in the 1830's, with punch cards for storing programs and calculations, like
Connect a computer to a tv is pretty easy this day if you have a HDMI port on your computer and tv. With an HDMI cable it is that simple. Older computers have standard ports on the
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