How Do Convection Currents Move Tectonic Plates?


The Earth's surface is made up of a series of large plates that are are in constant motion. Convection current underneath the plates move in all directions, this convection currents are caused by heated up radioactive decay.
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because its said that convection currents move the plates.
the magma under the earths crusts cools and heats in a cycle, it heats up near the core so it rises and then it cools down and this cycle pushes the pates around, abit like if a bit
Tectonic plates move on average at a rate of around 25 - 50 mm / year.
the average speed of a tectonic plate is 2-5 cm per year. the average of 3.5 cm / yr x 200 mil years= 700 million centimeters (7 million meters or 7,000 km)
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