How Are Atolls Formed?


Atolls are formed first as a reef that fringes a volcanic island. As the island sinks after the volcanic activity has stopped and the Earth crust has cooled, the reef continues to build upward, finally ending up as a ring-shaped structure. These ring-shaped islands or arc of islands are made almost entirely out of coral.
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Coral atolls begin as fringing reefs around active oceanic volcanoes. When the volcanic
how does a coral atoll from?
An atoll is an island of coral that encircles a lagoon partially or completely. Darwin explained the creation of coral atolls in the South Pacific (1842) based upon observations made
An atoll, not to be confused with an island, are thought to be the result of coral reefs colliding with an island that is in the process of sinking. Doesn't sound too safe, huh?
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A coral atoll is a circular reef surrounding a relatively shallow lagoon and extends from an extremely great depth to the sea surface. Such features form when ...
An atoll, which is different from an island, is formed not only from the growth of coral, but from a land mass sinking into the ocean. Charles Darwin is credited ...
An atoll is a coral reef that encloses a lagoon. The water is usually shallow and the area is home to a variety of sea life and birds. ...
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