How Do Cows Reproduce?


Cows reproduce through sexual intercourse. Female cows ovulate every 21 days and remain pregnant for 9 months.
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Cows need bulls to give birth to young. Bulls service cows via sexual reproduction and inseminate an egg inside the cow's uterus. The cow carries the embryo which turns to a fetus
Cows reproduce by mating with bulls. Bulls start to breed at 30 years old and cowa start to
The species are close enough to allow breeding, but the offspring is sterile; such as a mule.
By making sweet bullcow love. See, the bull comes home after a hard day of grazing, and find the cow has put the calves to bed early and is waiting for him in her negligee. They play
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Cows reproduce very similar to the way humans reproduce. The male cow or bull has sex with the female cow. They do this by mounting the female from behind.
Cows reproduce using sexual reproduction. This means the male's sperm must meet the female's egg in her uterus. Once pregnant, the cow will carry the calf for about 283 days and have a live-birth. You can find more information here:
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