How Do Crocodiles Digest Their Food?


Crocodiles, like other reptiles, do not chew their food fully. They are carnivorous and have short guts designed to disintegrate meat as well as very acidic stomach conditions. The food is then slowly digested in the stomach where the acidic conditions are able to digest even the bones. This also means longer periods of time in between meals compared to human beings. It is believed that stones found in adult crocodile stomachs also aid in the digestion process.
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Crocodiles have never met an animal it didn't like to eat. And that includes humans. Any type of animal that has the misfortune of crossing a crocodiles path will end up a hot meal.
they have a second aorta that lets it send blood to the digestive organs insted of the lungs this increases there gastric aced.
1. Cut an 8-inch round cake in the shape of a crocodile head and body with a knife. If you do not have the time or the resources to bake a cake, use two plain, squared-shaped snack
They don't chew it. Their teeth aren't well aligned, meaning the uppers and lowers don't match up to allow any chewing. They're also relatively simple and shallow rooted. It's not
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