How Do Deserts Form?


Deserts come from a lack of rain or snow over a long period of time. The largest deserts are mostly formed by a subtropical high pressure. You can find more information here:
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When air makes contact with mountains, it has to rise above them. As it does so, most of its moisture precipitates onto the mountains and creates snow on the peaks. As the air mass
over many years, sand (through abrasion) wears away rocks and BAM! land form.
A fairly large ocean once existed where the Sahara Desert is now located. Dramatic
Contributed by Associate Writer Sharon Tomlinson. In the United States, the eastern and Gulf coasts are in danger of being slammed by hurricanes during hurricane season from June
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Deserts form in several ways, for several reasons. There are natural deserts and man-made deserts.Some deserts occur naturally at high altitude. The thin air will prevent the growth of many plants, and this, coupled with the poorly filtered sunlight baking the ground during daytime hours, this will create desert-like conditions.Deserts may also be caused by deforestation; when trees are removed, the wind then has free reign to blow the topsoil into other areas where there are still trees to anchor it into place. The loss of nutrients means that plants cannot regrow, and a desert environment will result.Mountain ranges may block ocean air from the land beyond them, creating dry conditions that lead to the creation of a desert.
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Deserts are areas with very little rain, and are sometimes formed when mountain ranges surrounding them block off the rain that may have come to the area. ...
It is now believed that the Sahara desert formed after the tectonic plates under Africa and Asia drifted apart. The area was once a lush forest. ...
The type of soil that is common in most deserts is normally dry sandy soil. The soil be in rocky form as well due to the low chemical weathering. ...
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