How Do Deserts Form?


Deserts come from a lack of rain or snow over a long period of time. The largest deserts are mostly formed by a subtropical high pressure. You can find more information here:
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Deserts form in several ways, for several reasons. There are natural deserts and man-made deserts.Some deserts occur naturally at high altitude. The thin air will prevent the growth of many plants, and this, coupled with the poorly filtered sunlight baking the ground during daytime hours, this will create desert-like conditions.Deserts may also be caused by deforestation; when trees are removed, the wind then has free reign to blow the topsoil into other areas where there are still trees to anchor it into place. The loss of nutrients means that plants cannot regrow, and a desert environment will result.Mountain ranges may block ocean air from the land beyond them, creating dry conditions that lead to the creation of a desert.
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In order for a desert to form all you need is dry arid conditions. When you throw in tons of sand and very little vegetation you have a desert.
When air makes contact with mountains, it has to rise above them. As it does so, most of its moisture precipitates onto the mountains and creates snow on the peaks. As the air mass
Deserts are not formed as such, a desert is a place where there is average rainfall of 250mm a year. Also, deserts are formed by dried up sea water and lake water.
A fairly large ocean once existed where the Sahara Desert is now located. Dramatic
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Deserts form naturally by the removal of groundcover, which allow the soil to blow away. A desert also needs very little rainfall, so decreasing precipitation ...
A desert is a place that receives an extremely less rain in a year. Many deserts are formed by rain shadows such as mountains blocking the path of precipitation ...
Deserts were first lush forests many moons ago, then with the climate change, lack of water, poor land management, everything died off leaving the desert. Very ...
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