How Do Doctors Break Your Water?


If your are partially ditated, a doctor uses a small plastic hook to break your water. This makes a hole in the amniotic sac to get contractions started.
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Breaking your own water is not something you should try to do. It is dangerous and the risks are very high. Labor will come naturally. Stay relaxed, go for long walks or trying have
BOW-bag of water.
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You should expect to have a baby within twenty four hours of your water breaking. I happened to have my water break in the doctor's office. It's something you'll ...
Your water will break on its own or your doctor will break it, There is nothing you can do. It's dangerous to try and break it yourself. ...
They only safe way to break your water during pregnancy is by having your doctor do it. There is ways you can try on your own without harming your baby is by ...
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