How Do Dogs Get Heartworm?


A dog can get heartworms by being bit by a mosquito that has been infected. You can guard your dog against this disease by just giving them a preventative monthly heartworm medicine. You can find more information here: http://pets. webmd. com/dogs/guide/heartworms-in-dogs-facts-and-myths
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Heartworm is caused by a tiny worm that is injected into the dog when the dog is bitten by an infected mosquito. The worm then infests the dogs heart feeding off the blood there.You
1. Observe your dog for heartworm symptoms. According to the AMVA, dogs may show no sign of heartworms during the first two stages of infection. Later signs include coughing, fatigue
Heartworm disease in dogs is caused by an infestation of heart worms, small worms that actually live in the large arteries of the lungs. When these worms become too large or there
1 Medicate dogs to prevent heartworms—which infect not only the heart, but the lungs--at your veterinarian's office. Some heartworm medications are available as injections,
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Dog's can get heartworms from being bit by an infected mosquito. You cannot tell which mosquito has it. This is the most common way to get it. ...
Heart worms are only transmitted by mosquitoes. Cats and dogs can both be infected but the infection is usually more serious in dogs. Heart worms are correctly ...
1. Take your dog to the veterinarian and have him tested for heartworms. The veterinarian will perform two tests, an antigen test and a filter test. The antigen ...
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