How Do Dogs Reproduce?


Dogs reproduce sexually. A male dog deposits sperm inside the female where fertilization takes place. The mechanics of it are similar to most mammals. Female dogs give live birth to a litter of puppies. You can find more information here:
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Diatoms undergo sexual reproduction, as a response to the problem of cell reduction in size, after they have multiplied for an extended time.
Clownfish actually court each other. Now isn't that cute? The male fish courts the female fish by extending it's fins and chasing her. They lay their eggs in coral or rock next to
Male octopuses and squids and a special arm that's called a hectocotylus that they use to transfer sperm to the female. The female lays her fertilized eggs on the roof of her home
Algae reproduce asexual which means no hanky-panky for them. All reproduction is done internally. They either form daughter colonies or spores which in turn get release into the environment
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Dogs reproduce when a female dog is in heat. Depending on the dog it can go into heat from 2 to 5 times a year. You will introduce a male dog at the time she is in heat.
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