How Do Dolphins Breathe Underwater?


Dolphins require lungs as much as other humans and every other mammal. Unlike humans though Dolphins actually think about breathing, the breathing does not happen instinctively like other mammals.
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They don't. They have to surface to breathe.
It varies w/ the type of dolphin. Bottlenose Dolphins can hold it
Water that is inhabited by fish contains oxygen that is dissolved into the water. However, the water contains only 1/20 the amount of oxygen in it that air does. Fish, then, need
1. Get in the water and stand up. Ad. 2. Bring your hands around your back and grab the ledge behind you. (Under your shoulders. 3. Put your feet around your back and against the
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The amount of time a dolphin can hold its breath depends on the particular species. A bottlenose dolphin can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes, although they ...
Dolphins communicate underwater by making clicking noises. These noises bounce off of objects under the water. Dolphins have been said to be able to mimic sounds ...
To breathe underwater, fish has got gills on which they depend for oxygen necessary for its metabolism. These gills are used to extract oxygen from their environment ...
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