How Do Dolphins Defend Themselves?


Dolphins only need to worry about one enemy, besides man, is the shark. Dolphins live in groups of about 12 dolphins and when they are together even the shark becomes leery. Dolphins are fast and can defend itself by power of number by ramming into the shark with results of killing or hurting the shark.
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The only predators to dolphins are sharks and killer whales. They travel in groups called pods so there are more dolphins to see a predator. Their speed aids them in getting away.
Dolphins are aquatic mammals that are members of the scientific families Platanistidae (river dwellers) and Delphinidae (ocean dwellers) Where some authorities list dolphins as close
They use their dorsal fin to inflict cuts and they can punch enemies with their nose.
Dolphins swim in packs, which help if they come across a shark. They attack sharks
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