How do dolphins defend themselves?


Dolphins only need to worry about one enemy, besides man, is the shark. Dolphins live in groups of about 12 dolphins and when they are together even the shark becomes leery. Dolphins are fast and can defend itself by power of number by ramming into the shark with results of killing or hurting the shark.
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Dolphins defend themselves with their nose.
Flamingos are aquatic birds living near water and feeding from it. They live in Southern Europe, Africa, Asia and South America. Their beaks are uniquely designed to filter out brine
they spin around in circles and sing cumbiya.
Basically snails hide in their shell when they feel threatened. Their spiral shell protects them from predators or getting hurt if they fall off something. Also they are able to move
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How Do Common Dolphins Defend Themselves?
Every species in the animal kingdom has adversaries and predators. Adversaries may come in the form of natural competitors or peripheral factors that intentionally or unintentionally threaten well-being. Predators are generally everyday meal-seekers. In... More »
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