How Do Dolphins Give Birth?


A female dolphin gives birth to live young after a gestation period--that's how long the baby dolphin takes to develop to the point where it can survive outside of its mother's body--of twelve months. By comparison, the average human pregnancy takes approximately nine months. As with humans, dolphin mothers typically give birth to only one baby at a time, and the baby is born tail-first in order that it not drown during the birthing process. The newborn dolphin must be rushed to the surface to breathe immediately, and female dolphins in labor will try to give birth as close to the surface as they can. Once born, a young dolphin will nurse on its mother's milk for eighteen months, then spend the next six years growing to maturity by its mother's side, learning all of the hunting and survival skills necessary for it to survive.
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How Do Dolphins Give Birth?
Whether you are gathering information on dolphins for a school report or simply want to freshen up on your dolphin facts before that trip to SeaWorld, it's a good idea to understand the life cycle of dolphins. By learning about their reproductive nature,... More »
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As with all mammals, dolphins give birth to live babies. They deliver the baby while swimming. With assistance from other dolphins they help the baby to the top of the water so it can take its first breath.
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When a pregnant dolphin mother is about to give birth, she typically separates herself from the group. Dolphins are social mammals that travel in pods of five to a few hundred, according
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Although dolphins live, eat and swim in the water, they are considered as mammals and not sea creatures. This is because they are warm-blooded and give birth to ...
Dolphins are mammals which mean they give birth the same way people do or cow, horses or any other mammal. They deliver their young alive with other female dolphins ...
How dolphins have babies is the same as how humans have babies. A dolphin is a mammal and actually gives birth, usually to one calf at a time. ...
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