How Do Dolphins Use Sound?


Dolphins use sound so as to help them in hunting, navigating and communicating. They have the sensory ability used for locating food and for navigation underwater called echolocation. Sounds are reflected or echoed back from objects and these are thought to be received by an oil filled channel in the lower jaw and conducted to the middle ear of the animal. When swimming normally, the sounds emitted are generally low frequency. The echoes from these sounds provide information about the seafloor, the shorelines, underwater obstacles, water depth and the presence of other animals underwater.
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They direct clicks into the water and the clicks rebound off solid objects and echo back to the them. Dolphins listen for the rebounding clicks to identify what the object is and
It is almost a squeal.
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Dolphins use sound to determine positions of fish in the sea. They send out sounds known as clicks and interpret the echoes that bounce back to them. This helps them determine the location and speed of the fish.
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