How Do Dongles Work?


A dongle is a device which is connected to a computer and allows access to a wireless broadband or use of protected software. It goes into the computer and uses the mobile mast to send and receive internet.
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A dongle, or anti-piracy key, usually connects to a computer through a USB port, and contains hardware that allows certain programs to function.
These devices are meant to ensure that software cannot be used if they are illegally pirated.
dongle is a hardware device used to authenticate some software. These wireless dongles, which use 2.4 GHz radio waves in its communication are known as wireless dongles. This is the same frequency used in wireless routers and wireless internet access points so they can communicate with each other.Many devices, like personal computers, PDA, GPS and mobile phones are created such that they can be interconnected seamlessly, to provide wireless communication through wireless dongles.
connect the PC to nearby mobile phones and other wifi devices, so that data can be safely and easily transferred between the two. So if you want some data on the computer, like addresses and phone numbers on a phone, all you have to do is to access the data through the wireless dongle.
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Internet dongle is part of the wireless technology and is use to authenticate some software. This hardware is plugged into the PC through the USB port and its ...
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