How Do Dual SIM Cards Work?


Dual SIM enableS one to use two sim cards in one phone, one can easily swicth between this two SIM cards easily. Most times a phone has to be able to support the dual SIM.
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The first phones that supported dual SIMs became available in the early 2000s and were marketed primarily to European and Asian customers who traveled frequently. Dual SIM phones
There is nothing like a dual sim card, but rather a dual sim card phone. A phone with two sim card slots, allowing you to carry two numbers and switch from one to the other. This
What is a SIM card? If you've got a cell phone, chances are good that you've also got a SIM card. These little devices are very important to your cell phone operation, so learn about
As far I know dual simcard is when you are using two different sim cards in one phone and each sim card has different number. Usually chines phones has a place you can put 2 sim cards
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A pay-as-you-go SIM card is only usable in a contract phone that uses GSM technology and has been unlocked. To unlock a contract phone, you need the unlock code ...
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