How Do Earphones Work?


The earphone has a piece of flexible plastic that vibrates in response to signals from your music player. Underneath, the tiny metal coil sits a magnet. When your music player is magnetized, the plastic moves, creating the sound waves that travel out of the headphones into the ear.
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1. Grab the earphones by the end with the ear pieces and wrap the wire around your hand until you reach the last six inches of the wire. Slide your hand out from the middle of the
Earphones are used in iPods, MP3 Players and sometimes computers and Laptops. If something is amplified out loud, you can plug in Earphones, and you can hear the sound through the
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1. Remain calm. If worse comes to worse, you'll be a chick magnet (if you're a boy! Ad. 2. Attempt to identify how deep the earphones are in. If they are in very deep, seek medical
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How Do Earphones Work?
Earphones are small loudspeakers designed to fit in or around your ears. They come in several different designs and accordingly are available on the market at a wide price range. Earphones are the best way to listen to audio in private. Other people... More »
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