How Do Echinoderms Breathe?


On the ventral side of an echinoderm (say, a sea star, for example) there are hundreds of tiny feet arranged into rows on each appendage. These are called tube feet. By varying the internal water pressure, the echinoderm can extend and contract its tube feet for locomotion, food collection, and respiration.
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they breath through their skin. it's pretty cool!
A jellyfish breathes through a process called diffusion, in which the jellyfish absorbs oxygen from the water with its skin and releases carbon dioxide in the same manner.
Worms possess large, toothless mouths, but their mouths are only used for eating decaying plant and animal matter. Worms cannot breathe through their mouths; they also do not have
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Sea stars actually use their feet to breathe! Sea Stars and other echinoderms have a water vascular system that they use to eat, breathe, and move around with ...
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