How Do Eco Drive Watches Work?


Eco watches are just like the normally watches and but are made in a variety of styles and designs .There are two main components of the power system of an Eco Drive watch is a solar conversion panel and an energy cell. This watches are located under the watch dial, and the microns thin solar panel is a disc made of amorphous Silicon then after capturing the energy from the light source that enters through the watch crystal and dial, the solar panel converts the energy into electrical power through a process called photovoltaic finally the electrical energy is then stored in the energy cell providing the needed power supply for the watch to run. From then on, an Eco Drive watch operates in the same manner as a regular quartz watch. The Eco Drive is different from the other watches because; it is not affected by the normal cycle of charge and discharge also the energy cell is environmentally friendly as it does not contain the chemicals found in most other types of watch batteries and finally the energy cell never needs to be replaced when used properly.
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If you don't like changing your watch battery, you might be interested to learn how Eco-Drive watches work. Artificial and natural light are absorbed through the face of the watch. A solar cell under the dial converts any light into electrical energy to power the watch. A lithium ion rechargeable battery stores energy to power the watch for long periods of time. You can find more info at:
Most Eco-Drive watches work by generating power through light, similar to the way solar lights work. The light shines through the watch face on to a special ceramic watch face.
Eco-Drive watches were Citizen Watch Company’s answer to never having to change a watch battery again. Eco-Drive watches use a solar conversion panel and a special energy storage cell that uses light from any source to generate electrical power. Through a photovoltaic process, the light shone through the watch dial is converted and then stored in the cell. Each storage cell can be charged and recharged throughout a lifetime of use and will run continuously as long as it is exposed to bright light. If light is not available to a fully-charged watch, the cell will run anywhere from 45 days to 5 years depending on the model. The average model has a 180 day power reserve. While light is necessary to keep the Eco-Drive watch running, excessive heat can damage the watch. Eco-Drive watches should not be charged on the dashboard of a car or less than two feet from a lightbulb.The average quartz watch uses a silver oxide battery as its primary source of power, which can not be recharged. The Eco-Drive watch does not contain any of the same chemicals used in ordinary watch batteries, an added environmentally friendly bonus.
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