How Do Electrostatic Air Filters Work?


Electrostatic air filters work by sieving materials via the fibres that are designed in a way, when air flows through them they acquire static charges. The other fibres acquire negative charges and the charges draw materials as magnets. Afterwards, filtration takes place leaving the materials on the surface.
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Electrostatic air filters contain synthetic fibers that create a static electric charge to attract particulates. These filters are designed to trap not only larger dust particles,
From the name of the device it think it works as follows: The air passes through a tube where there are electrodes on the sides. The electrodes are charged by either positive or negative
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a electrostatic filter simply presents the opposits charge to the air passing through and much the same as a magnet the charged particles are attracted and attached themselves to
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How Do Electrostatic Air Filters Work?
Electrostatic air filters are typically rectangular in shape and between 1/2 and 1-inch thick. They're available in various dimensions, just like ordinary disposable fiberglass filters, to fit a wide range of HVAC system vents and cold air returns. But... More »
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