How Do Elephants Survive in the Wild?


Elephants survive on an herbivore diet and a plentiful water source. Most elephants do not stray from the water very far, and are excellent swimmers. Due to their size and stature, the elephant has very few natural predators, but in the event a group of hyena or a large lion may threaten the elephant, it will usually be able to evade to water.
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Elephants have a well developed trunk that helps them in both foraging for food and in drinking water. They also have a greatly developed sense of hearing and smell that helps them
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1. Remain dry to conserve body warmth. Do not intentionally get wet. 2. Avoid frostbite by staying out of the wind. Uncovered skin can become frostbitten in a matter of seconds under
1 Decide whether or not the elephant in the situation is actually going to charge. It is thought that most charges are "mock" (threat) charges, that is, the elephant is
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