How Do Euglena Reproduce?


Euglena just like bacteria are unicellular organisms that reproduce assexually. They reproduce through a method called fission
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Euglenas reproduce by using fission.
Euglena is a type of algae that is considered a novel hybrid between plant and animal: it moves around like an animal, but photosynthesizes like a plant. Euglena's bright green color
Unlike humans, plant reproduction can happen in a variety of ways using a number of different anatomical structures. The plant kingdom, with all its many species, is made up of two
Euglena moves in two ways: using a flagellum and by a worm-like shape change. The flagellum ("whip") is lashed in a circular manner through the water, and this pulls the
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Euglena reproduce asexually by splitting itself into two. It is a single celled organism that can act like a plant or an animal. It has chlorophyll in it and can make it's own food like a plant and when there is no light it can feed from the water like an animal.
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