How Do Fish Hear?


Fish have good hearing. The ears are on the inside and they hear through vibration. They also have a lateral line that runs through their body and picks up vibration as well.
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A fish's hearing structure is composed of otoliths and the lateral line system. These two parts compose the octavo-lateralis line, which help fish with balance and hearing. For a
"Fish Hearing Studies. Physiological work. on the octavolateralis system shows that fish can acquire information from a sound source using two systems, the inner ear and the
Fish determine the direction of incident sound by detecting otolith (tiny hairs) motion along the
The fact is.Or well i think.Fish cant hear at all. Fish have an oragan type of thing called the latral line that runs down the center of there body to right behind there eye.this
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Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class:
Fish are gill-bearing aquatic vertebrates which lack limbs with digits. Fish are usually covered with scales, and have two sets of paired fins, and several unpaired fins.
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A swim bladder is a hydrostatic organ presence in a fish that helps in buoyancy. It also connects with the ear to enhance hearing abilities in water and controls ...
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