How Do Fish Mate?


Fish do not mate. The female fish grow unfertilized eggs in their bodies for a few weeks. When ready, they find a gravel bed and lay their eggs. During the spawning season, the male fish seeks out these egg nests. They swim over them and fertilize them with their semen, allowing conception to take place. The eggs then start to develop into fish.
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1. Isolate the female from the male beta and condition her for at least a week before mating by alternating different types of food. Twice a day, give her BettaMin pellet food, freeze
It is mating season for fish when it is really hot and dry.
It depends on the fish, but many mate around the new and full moon and others mate in the Spring
Fish do not mate. Female will lay her eggs in the water and the males released seed on the eggs.
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97% of fish are oviparous. When swimming in schools, female fish expel eggs, and male fish expel milt (semen), fertilizing the eggs.
It all depends on the fish, but most female fish are chased to lay eggs by the male. Then, the male fish fertilizes the egg externally.
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