How Do Fish Smell?


Fish have two nostrils just as humans do, but that is where the similarity ends. While human nostrils lead to the throat, fish nostrils lead to a chamber of sensory pads. Fish do not breathe through their nostrils; they are used only for the purpose of smelling.As the fish swims, water moves over these sensory pads, and chemical signals are picked up. The fish's brain is then triggered to register the smell and respond appropriately.
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1. Wash the fish with soap and water. Using antibacterial soap is the best way to protect against the bacteria that can form and contribute to the smell. If you don't have this type
Because they do dude.
1. Try any of the following: Cut a fresh lemon into wedges. After you are finished handling the fish, squeeze the lemon onto your hands, rub your hands together, and rinse with water
The distinctive fishy aroma is caused by pyrimidines and other amine-containing molecules. Fish muscle contains a large number of amines, and when it decays some of them become small
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Fish tend to smell like the waters from where they came from. Some fish have an algae smell, and others smell like ocean water. When buying fresh fish, they should not have an offensive smell.
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