How Do Fleas Reproduce?


We've all seen fleas on our pet dogs, and although we hate to see more of them; have you ever wondered how they reproduce? Well, first thing's first: Fleas are incapable of reproduction until they feed on blood. You can find more information here:
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Fleas are insects of the Siphonaptera order. They are exceptionally small rounded insects with short legs that lead to mammoth hind legs. They, like all insects, are comprised of
Eggs are laid on the animal, but are quite smooth and easily fall off into the environment. The eggs are not sticky (like some parasites) and they usually fall off of the animal into
Fleas reproduce rapidly and lay eggs on the animal host.The eggs can fall off into pet beds
Fleas reproduce sexually. The fleas are then hatched from eggs, & thrive by drinking blood from pets!
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Fleas are small, hard-bodied, wingless insects that are either black or dark brown. They feed on blood and must have a blood meal to reproduce. You can find more ...
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