How Do Floods Happen?


Floods happen when large amounts of rain or snow melt causes rivers to rise above their beds. Floods are one the most destructive forces in nature causing millions of dollars in damage and many lives each year.
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Floods occur in lakes and rivers when too much water fills them. This water has to escape, typically up and over their boundaries. Picture a pool being filled, but the water coming
The main reason why the 2010-2011 floods happened in Queensland was, quite simply, because of the unusual amount of rain. Australia spends many years in drought, often caused by the
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Floods begin when soil and vegetation cannot absorb falling rain or melting snow, or when water runs off the land in such quantities that it cannot be carried in normal stream channels or retained in natural ponds and human-made reservoirs.
Floods happen by a sudden downpour of rain. The rain will come hard and fast and cause different areas to start flooding. Flooding is really dangerous.
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Floods occur when there is excess water in a river such that its banks burst or if there is too much rainfall. An advantage of floods is that they carry fresh, ...
Floods often happen whenever there is a winter thaw, or in the spring when all the snow has melted and made it's way to the rivers, streams, and creeks. Spring ...
Floods are sometimes caused by heavy storms that sometimes cause huge volumes of water to depart from a river's natural course and spread over previously dry land ...
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