How Do Floods Occur?


Floods occur when there is too much water in an area and the water becomes overflowing. When flooding occurs, water is not being removed from the area fast enough and remains there.
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In most places it rains heavily during the monsoon season. (the time when the wind follows the seasons) There is so much of water in rivers that in many of them the water rises above
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Because the land is low lying mainly. If the sea or rivers have more water than flood defences can cope with then flooding will occur. For obvious reasons you don't get floods halfway
floods usually occur around the beginning of spring because that is the time of year the rain melts all the snow
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Floods begin when soil and vegetation cannot absorb falling rain or melting snow, or when water runs off the land in such quantities that it cannot be carried in normal stream channels or retained in natural ponds and human-made reservoirs.
Floods occur when there is a sudden downpour of rain. This can cause flooding as well as mudslides depending on where you live. Flood are dangerous.
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