How Do Floods Start?


Floods are common and widespread in all parts of the world. Floods occur to start usually after heavy thunderstorms or winter snow thaws. Floods have enough power to be very destructive. The warning is turn around, and don't drown, when you experience flood waters.
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The smallest tributaries are the first to overflow their banks. Swollen streams and creeks feed into rivers and if too many tributaries within a watershed carry too much water, river
Excess water, usually from a heavy rainstorm, and, what most people don't realize is; bridges aren't high enough from the water line so the water hits the bridge and travels sideways
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There are two types of flooding. A flood happens when an area receives a large amount of heavy rain. The creeks and rivers cannot contain all of the water and the runoff from the rain so they start to overfill their banks. Flash flooding happens when an area receives very heavy rain for a short period with the same result of regular flooding.
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