How do Freezers Operate?


Freezers keep what ever that is in it frozen, so that we can enjoy food at a later date, such as with ice cream. How freezers operate, is when the door is closed and the light is off, what is actually happening is the heat is being drawn out of the freezer area leaving the cold inside. You can find more information here:
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The freezer is the part of the refrigerator where meat, ice creams and other things that needs to be preserved and be frozen are stored. It is the area where the temperature is below 0 degrees. or at freezing point.
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There is a common misconception when it comes to freezers, and it all boils down to common physics. Many people think that cold air is created and transferred throughout the freezer
freezer temperature should be 8c.
Refrigerator at 39deg + or - 3 ,freezer 0 deg +or- 3.
According to my calculations 13 degrees is 55.4 degrees fahrenheit. As a result of this temperature the freezer and refrigerator are working properly 10.4(f) in the freezer and 37.4
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