How Do Frogs Breathe Underwater?


Frogs are adapted to live in the water although they can survive on land as well. The were designed to use their lungs on the land but underwater they breath through their skin. Their skin is designed to exchange oxygen and carbon dioxide.
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They don't. Frogs can hold their breath for a very long time but they still have to come to the surface to breath air. They don't, they hold their breath like we do, they can just
Adult frogs breathe with lungs, but also absorb oxygen through their skin. Thank you
Frogs are amphibians, they are able to breathe through their skin while under water. The frog can take in oxygen from the water around itself.
Water that is inhabited by fish contains oxygen that is dissolved into the water. However, the water contains only 1/20 the amount of oxygen in it that air does. Fish, then, need
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Frogs cannot breathe completely underwater. Their nostrils are located right above their eyes. Thus, they usually emerge themselves just until the water reaches their eyes.
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Frogs can breathe through their lungs and skin. While swimming underwater, frogs can breathe by absorbing oxygen through their skin. This process is called cutaneous ...
The length of time that a frog can hold their breath underwater depends on the particular species of frog in question. For example, African dwarf frogs spend their ...
Most frogs can stay underwater for months at a time because they breathe through their skin. They also have lungs but only need to use them when they are out of ...
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