How Do Frogs Croak?


Frogs croak by having air fill its lungs, which then is expelled across the vocal chords. Similar to humans except when you watch a frog croak you can see them puff up so that the sound is amplified.
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When sitting on your porch on a hot summer night and you are surrounded by a sea of croaking frogs, you had no idea you were in the middle of dating show did you? That's right, frogs croak as a way of displaying their mating qualities to nearby females. A girl can tell a lot about a boy by the sound of his croak. For instance they can tell size and fertility of the male. This sign all comes from a small place in a frogs throat called the vocal pouch. These two slits at the bottom of their mouth allows air to pass over the vocal cords and lungs to make the sound louder or quieter.
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In most species, the male frog does all the croaking. Croaking is used in attracting a mate (for breeding) and to warn other male frogs to get out of their territory! Did you know
A frog creates vocal sound in much the same way a human does. The frog first fills its lungs with air, then expels the air with high pressure across its larynx, or vocal chords. The
Frogs croak when they want to mate; males are the ones that croak.
The tailed frogs in the US and those from New Zealand do not have any apparatus for
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Frogs croak in order to attract the females. The croaking that is often heard in ponds is done by male frogs. The croaking is also done in order to declare territory ...
It's only the male frogs that croak at night. They do it to to ward off other males and also to attract female frogs to them. Female frogs think that the croaking ...
There are different answers as to why do frogs croak after it rains. One is to indicate that they are claiming the territory. Another reason is because of a sudden ...
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