How Do Frogs Mate?


Male frogs comes first and try to attract a mate by producing a low purring craok.A male frogs will wrap his forelimbs around the female when mating .
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1. Each mating season, frogs return to their place of birth to mate and begin the entire process over again. Many frogs come to similar locations, but they never step on each other's
in the Spring months of May and June.
During the mating season, males' throats often turn white. A final
Frog have no external genitalia. Frogs do not have sex. The male frog sits on the female as she lays her eggs, and then fertilizes them externally!
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Frogs mate with the male frog grasping the female frog's trunk using his forelimbs. This embrace is called amplexus. Fertilization which happens outside the female's body is called external fertilization. You can find more information here:
In order to mate, a male frog will sit on a female frogs back and wait while the female frog releases a large number of eggs. While the female releases her eggs, the male coats them in a milky fluid which fertilizes them.
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After mating, the female frog will lay her eggs in a body of water. They are laid in masses of around 200 eggs, called egg spawn. Sometimes she will wait for them ...
Frogs are animals that live in water. They can make noise because of different things; the first one is to call or attract their mates, and also as a sign of temperature ...
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