How Do Galaxies Form?


Most galaxies, whether they are Spiral or Elliptical, are formed from something major happening. Spiral galaxies are formed due to the collapse of a protogalactic cloud. Elliptical ones are formed from merging disk galaxies. You can find more information here:
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Galaxies that can't be classified as either spiral or elliptical are called irregular galaxies. This just means that they don't appear to have a recognizable form. Irregular galaxies
Most modern researchers believe that galaxies form as a result of two factors: the turbulence and properties of the gases around them, and how they have interacted with their surroundings
There is a considerable amount of uncertainty as to why black holes form in the middle of galaxies. I will try and summarize what we know thus far: 1) We know that there are supermassive
The plural of galaxy is "galaxies" as in "Scientists believe that many billions of.
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Galaxies are structured formed, it can be thick or thin. Galaxies are formed by billions of stars and they are full of gas and more then 100,000 of light years old. You can find more information here:
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Galaxies are formed when a protogalactic cloud becomes to heavy and collapses upon itself. The dust and particles that form the cloud start spinning and heating ...
Some scientist suggest that the Milky Way galaxy was formed when a vast gas cloud collapsed. This seemed like a very simple answer. So other scientist decided ...
An elliptical galaxy is a galaxy having an approximately ellipsoidal shape and a smooth, nearly featureless brightness profile. All galaxies began forming at about ...
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