How do giraffes mate?


When a giraffe cow (or female) is ready to mate, she attracts all the mature bulls in the area. The dominant bull wins her by driving off all the other males.
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Baby Giraffes Giraffes are the tallest recorded animal , and baby giraffes are no exception. Called calves, young giraffes are born 6 feet tall and grow 12 inches each month for the
Giraffes are browsers because they don't eat off the ground and normally eat of high trees. Giraffe's usually inhabit Savannas and Grasslands that are abundant in trees like Acacia,
When female giraffe decides to allow male giraffe to mate w/her, she stands still to
5 minutes a day!
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Giraffes mate the same way most mammals do through sexual intercourse. Did you know that giraffes are pregnant for 15 months, which is almost twice as long as a human pregnancy?
The giraffe mates just like any other mammal. The male mounts the female when the female decides to mate with him. She releases pheromones to let the males know she is ready. She will remain pregnant for 14 1/2 months.
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