How Do Glaciers Change the Land They Cross?


Glaciers change the land they cross, by transporting material on the land as they move. They also sculpt and then slice away the land underneath them.
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Glaciers are big masses of ice that move at a very slow rate. As the move, land underneath them are changed when a glacier moves across them and reforms the land. The huge matter
it gives it waay more room! no the glaciers moves across the land under it's own weight and the this causes rocks to push up to causes little mounds the more this happens the little
what do you think they are billions of tons moving across material mostly softer than the Glacier so they grind ,away mountains and soils and anything in the way , the titanic was
Glaciers transport material as they move & also sculpt &
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Glaciers change the land by forming large canyons and depressions in the land due to their massive weight and movement. Some of the depressions then fill with ...
Glaciers only transport materials as it moves. However they also sculpt as well as curve away the land beneath them. Glaciers are known to change completely the ...
Glaciers not only transport material as they move, they also sculpt and erode the land beneath them. A glacier with its slow movement and its weight, can reshape ...
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